Accessibility Statement

Accommodation Statement

Johnson & Wales University (JWU) supports all students’ academic needs.  Students with documented disabilities interested in accommodations and/or auxiliary services must contact Accessibility Services, meet with an Accessibility Services advisor, and together complete an Accommodation Agreement.  Students are encouraged to speak privately with their professors regarding their academic accommodations.  Contact Accessibility Services at for campus-specific information including office location and contact number.

JWU Libraries believe education needs to be available to everyone, which means we support the creation of free, open, and accessible educational resources. We are actively committed to increasing the accessibility and usability of the OER produced at JWU.

Accessibility Features

In May 2018, Pressbooks announced their accessibility policy, which outlines efforts and demonstrates a commitment to making the Pressbooks platform accessible. The web version of this resource has been designed with accessibility in mind by incorporating the following features.

  • It has been optimized for people who use screen-reader technology.
    • all content can be navigated using a keyboard.
    • links, headings, tables are formatted to work with screen readers and images have alt tags.
  • Information is not conveyed by color alone.
  • Font may be resized from the tab on the top right of the screen.

Other File Formats

In addition to the web version, this book is available in a number of file formats, including PDF, EPUB (for eReaders), MOBI (for Kindles), and various editable files. These formats can be retrieved from the “Download this book” drop-down menu on the book’s home page.

Known Accessibility Issues

If you encounter problems accessing this resource, please contact us so we can address the issue.;;

Please include the following information:

  • The location of the problem by providing a web address or page description
  • A description of the problem
  • The computer, software, browser, and any assistive technology you are using that can help us diagnose and solve your issue
    • e.g., Windows 10, Google Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181), NVDA screenreader

This statement was last updated on April 21, 2021. It was modified from the BCcampus Open Education Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition by Amanda Coolidge, Sue Doner, Tara Robertson, and Josie Gray and is used under a CC BY 4.0 International License.


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