2 What is Open Pedagogy?

Here is Robin DeRosa, Director of the Open CoLab at Plymouth State College and a national leader in open pedagogy, in her own words:

For the purpose of this presentation, when we refer to open pedagogy (also called OER-Enabled pedagogy), we are talking about engaging students through the development, adaptation, or use of open educational resources.

According to David Wiley from his opencontent.org blog, open pedagogy asks students to create new knowledge by remixing openly licensed material.

Remember, “openly licensed” means it is copyrighted, with permissions. Those permissions are granted using the Creative Commons parameters.

You may already be engaging in open education practices, such as problem-based learning, experiential learning, student-centered learning – but if you are not interacting with the 5 Rs of OER – then it is not Open Pedagogy.

OER-Enabled Pedagogy

The key to engaging in open pedagogical practices is working with copyright material with permissions.


Learning & Leading

Adapted from The OER Starter Kit Workbook by Abbey Elder and Stacy Katz under CC BY 4.0 license and What is Open Pedagogyby David Wiley under a CC BY 4.0 license.


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