Appendix – Examples of Open Pedagogy Practices

  • Design is: Inclusive Spectrums  This exhibition presents the preliminary major research project ideas of OCAD University’s Inclusive Design 2019/2021 cohort. (CC BY)
  • Bumble Bees of Unama-ki (student work published) This buzzing guide for naturalists introduces the young and the young at heart to bumble bees in Cape Breton. (CC BY NC SA)
  • An Open Guide to IMC The Open Guide to Integrated MArketing is a free resource for educators, activists, advocacy groups, and social justice leaders committed to driving change. (CC BY NC SA)

Other Open Pedagogy as described by David Wiley in High Impact Practices for Integrating Open Educational Resources (OER) into University Courses (@25 min)

  • Project Management for Instructional Designers – textbook reboot. Transformed examples from one discipline to another, reverse engineer textbook to support PMP exam (students and faculty report that open pedagogy work is extremely rewarding; feel as if they are adding value to the world)


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