The easiest way to get started with Pressbooks is to follow the Guide to Using Pressbooks. Or, you can review the 4 Step Guide to Making a Book on Pressbooks.


Q. Who do I contact to get access to Pressbooks?
A. Select “Contact” or email Kerry Caparco at

Q. What can I do on the Pressbooks site?
A. You can create content, import copyright-compliant files, or clone existing Pressbook content. Once on the platform, you can edit, publish as a webbook, or print.

Q. Where can I learn more about publishing with Pressbooks?
A. Pressbooks has many online tutorials, videos, and guides, or you can contact the JWU Library for individual assistance.

Q. Can I create Open Education Resources (OERs) with Pressbooks?
A. Yes! You decide on the copyright license for your work or maintain the copyright compliance of existing work. See how to select the appropriate license here: CC Chooser

Q. If I use Pressbooks, who owns my book?
A. You do! You own your content – Pressbooks just supplies the files. Pressbooks takes no rights or royalties for content created with their software.

Q. How does someone get a print copy of Pressbooks content?
A. Pressbooks allows access to content via a web browser or Epub, MOBI, or PDF download. There are some print-on-demand options available, please contact us for more information.